I am a PhD. student of Artificial Intelligence - my advisor is Prof. Peter Sincak. My main research interests are human-robot interaction, artificial emotions, neural approach, fuzzy and evolutionary algorithms. Currently working on my Dissertation thesis. I am developing Computational Model of Emotions with the application potential in Social Robotics. I am programming and developing behavioural capabilities, particularly in social and emotional interactions with humans. Curriculum Vitae and my CV Europass in Slovak version.


New challenge: The Emotion project in the University Science Park 1/10/2013
My new big challenge is to form a group on Human-Robot Interaction in the University Science Park called TECHNICOM. The aim of the project is the study of emotional technology for human-computer interaction, and more specifically, for human-robot interaction. The output will be an implemention of a computer model of adaptive response to the behavior of humans in order to gain experience by personalizing the human-robot interaction. I am just working on the webpage of the project.

Robot ASIMO for the first time in Central Europe 28/9/2013
I had an honour to be the ASIMO´s assistant! It was a great time. It is the first time ASIMO has visited the central European country and the fourth time Honda Motor Europe has supported the European Commission’s pan-European initiative to help normalize science amongst the general public and show what researchers really do for Society. Huge crowds of families and young children gathered within the Old Market Hall venue to witness ASIMO’s debut appearance and special giant screens were installed outside the building so its four performances, held throughout the course of the day, could be shared with as wide an audience as possible. ASIMO was invited to the event by one of Slovakia’s leading artificial intelligence experts, Professor Peter Sinčák from the Technical University of Kosice, and the attendance was part of a wider program of hands-on experiments, science shows, learning activities for children and guided visits of research labs that were held in Bratislava and four other cities in the country. The original article from Honda.

AI methods for re-learning to walk 25/9/2013
Our students are in the final round of the contest by Tatrabanka, a Slovak bank, called "Business idea." We think about a project to help paralyzed patients who lost their ability to walk after back-bone injuries.

Article for the SETINAIR conference 22/7/2013
I am preparing an article for our conference SETINAIR. The title of the paper will be "Development of Personalized Cognitive Models with Emotional Aspects in Human-Humanoid Interaction." It was accepted and will be published by Springer-Verlag.

Summer school 20/7/2013
I got a grant for the Summer school on Social Human-Robot Interaction. The summer school will be held at Christ's College, University of Cambridge, UK from Monday 26 August to Friday 30 August 2013.