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Basic information on the course can be found on departmental pages:

Additional material to the course

Nature-based search algorithms

go lecture slides in a html format (or in a ppt format) (in Slovak)
go Interesting links (mainly applets)

Programming languages for artificial intelligence

go actual lecture slides in a html format (or in a ppt format) (in Slovak)
go older version (2003-2004) of lecture slides as a html format (or as a ppt format) (in Slovak)
go list of valuable reading resources on Common Lisp (some of them can be downloaded)
go description of a simple toy problem using as a test-bed for instructional implementation (not too serious)
go implementation of one easy program in three different languages: Common Lisp, Prolog, Clips (several different implementations illustrating basic features of these languages are given)
go a small Prolog example (island of liars and honest people)

Additional reading

aitopics AI Topics - a dynamic library of introductory information about artificial intelligence. A special web site provided by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence [AAAI] for students, teachers, journalists, and everyone who would like to learn about what artificial intelligence is, and what AI scientists do.

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