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Rudolf JAKŠA

Department of Cybernetics and AI
Technical University of Košice
LUI / CIT lab 1995-2016

mobile phone: 0903 649 007

Postal Address:
Ing. Rudolf JAKŠA, PhD
Mlynská 1, 04001 Košice,


  • Neural Networks  (from 1996)
  • Application Programming  (from 2004)
  • Interactive Systems  (from 2008)
  • Linux  (from 2009)
List of Supervised Theses:

Research and Selected Publications

    2005-2008 The Interactive Learning

  1. Reduction of Visual Information in Neural Network Learning Visualization, M.Užák, R.Jakša, P.Sinčák, ICANN 2008, Prague.
  2. Interactive Training of Multilayer Perceptron: Fusion of the Capabilities of Backpropagation and Human Evaluation (poster), M.Užák, R.Jakša, P.Sinčák, ICCNS 2008, Boston.
  3. Simultaneous Gradient and Evolutionary Neural Network Weights Adaptation Methods, P.Maliňák and R.Jakša, CEC 2007, Singapore.
  4. Framework for the Interactive Learning of Artificial Neural Networks, M.Užák and R.Jakša, ICANN 2006, Athens.
  5. Visualization and Interaction in the Process of Neural Network Learning, M.Užák and R.Jakša, 1st. Slovak-Japanese Seminar on Intelligent Systems, Herľany (2005).
  6. 2004-2005 Backpropagation Metalearning

  7. Neural Network Model of the Backpropagation Algorithm, R.Jakša and M.Katrák, 1-st. Slovak-Japanese Seminar on Intelligent Systems, Herľany (2005).
  8. 2002-2003 IEC Image Processing

  9. Tuning of Image Parameters by Interactive Evolutionary Computation, R.Jakša and H.Takagi, SMC 2003, Washington D.C..
  10. Image Filter Design with Interactive Evolutionary Computation, R.Jakša, S.Nakano, H.Takagi, ICCC 2003, Siófok.
  11. Analysis and Evaluation for Interactive Evolutionary Computation-based Image Processing, R.Jakša and H.Takagi, Proceedings of MPS Symposium, No.2, KyoTanabe (2003).
  12. 2001-2002 Automatic Modularization of ANNs

  13. From Plain to Modular Topology: Automatic Modularization of Structured ANNs, R.Jakša, E-ISCI 2002, Košice.
  14. Automatic Modularization of ANNs Using Adaptive Critic Method, R.Jakša, NNA 2002, Interlaken.
  15. Automatic Modularization of ANNs, R.Jakša, Neural Network World, No.3 (2003).
  16. 1998-2000 Reinforcement Learning Mobile Robotics

  17. Mobile Robot Control Using BP Based Adaptive Critics, R.Jakša, M.Hudec, P.Sinčák, EISCI 2000, Košice.
  18. Large Adaptive Critics and Mobile Robotics, R.Jakša and P.Sinčák, ERCIM News, No.42 (2000).
  19. Reinforcement Learning Based on Backpropagation for Mobile Robot Navigation, R.Jakša, P.Majerník, P.Sinčák, CIMCA 1999, Vienna.
  20. Backpropagation in Supervised and Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Robot Control, R.Jakša, P.Sinčák, P.Majerník, Journal of Electrical Engineering, No.7-8 (1999).
  21. 1996-1997 Backpropagation Neurocontrol

  22. Neuro-controller Complex for Autonomous Vehicle Control, R.Jakša, EUROGEN 1997, Trieste.
  23. Neuro-controller Complex for Autonomous Vehicle Control, R.Jakša and P.Sinčák, Proceedings of the 1-st Slovak Neural Networks Symposium, Herľany (1996).