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George Santayana

Daniel Lorenčík


Technical University of Košice

Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence

Center for Intelligent Technologies

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+421 55 602 5101

Area of study

Cloud Robotics

The theme of my dissertation thesis is The Cloud technologies and Artificial Intelligence, on which I am working under the supervision of professor Peter Sinčák.

The main course of my study is to get to know the available cloud technologies currently available, at least for now. Also, the advent of powerful mobile devices (smartphones), which are readily available for the masses, should be utilized.

Pet projects

I am currently learning about programming applications or the Android operating system. The main reason is that because I am using it (my first smartphone was HTC Desire) I see the potential behind it. Not only for the commercial benefits, but because the Android became the mainstream operating system and is used by millions of people. The today smartphones, even the ones on the low-end, have enough processing power to be able to be used for the programs implementing some of the tools of artificial intelligence. To create personal assistants for the various tast, to automate repetitive tasks, and so on. Also, due to the connection to the Web, there is always possibility to use cloud technologies and services to further enhance experience.

Another pet project is working with Lego Mindstorm. Creating various vehicles, controlled by human with the use of computer or mobile phone, or controlled automatically by the program. Especially when we use the smartphone to act as a brain for the Lego NXT brick, we have input from several sensors from phone (gyro, compass, gps, microphone, camera) and from NXT brick as well (sonars, light sensors, touch sensors).

The last free time activity that is consuming most of my time and resources besides school is developer in Wolfpack Systems. The aim of Wolfpack Systems is to create mobile apps, recent (and as of yet only) accomplishment is receiving a "Most Likes" award in the BuddyPaddy contest with the Win 8 phone app MediBuddy.


Object Classification in the Cloud Robotics

Authors: Daniel Lorenčík
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Minimal thesis, was successfully denfended on 14th of September 2013

Cloud - based Object Recognition: A System Proposal

Authors: Daniel Lorenčík, Martina Tarhaničová, Peter Sinčák (in printing - Conference RiTA 2013)
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Paper accepted and presented at RiTA 2013 in Denver (on 18. - 20. December 2013)

Smartphone Robots

Authors: Daniel Lorenčík, Peter Sinčák, Martin Marek, Jakub Tušan (in printing - SETINAIR conference)
... download draft ...
Paper accepted and presented at SETINAIR conference in Kosice ( on 15. - 17. September 2013)

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Paper of the Week

Windows Azure

Not an article, but interesting reading as well. This is a poster containing interesting and basic information about Window Azure cloud platform.

Can be downloaded from official Microsoft site.

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Neural Networks - winter semester of 2013/2014

This subject aims to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement and use neural networks for solving of complex tasks like object recognition.

More information on Základy neurónových sietí (in slovak).

Artificial Intelligence II - summer semester of 2012/2013

This subject gives knowledge of the basic concepts and approaches used in subsymbolic artificial intelligence (neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms). Students will gain knowledge of selected fields of subsymbolic artificial intelligence, where are these techniques used and what benefits they have.

More information on Umelá Inteligencia 2 (in slovak).

Symbolic Artificial Intelligence - winter semester of 2012/2013

This subject gives basic knowledge from the area of classical (symbolic) artificial intelligence; to familiarize with basic concepts, methods of symbolic AI, methods of knowledge representation, methods of task solving.

More information on Symbolická Umelá Inteligencia (in slovak).