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April 19, 2002
Competition Announcement

August 19, 2002 12.00 GMT (London time zone)
Competition results upload

September 1, 2002, 12.00 GMT (London time zone)
Announcement of results

September 19-21, 2002, Albufeira, Portugal
Workshop about the results


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I hereby confirm the results as follows:

  1. Marcin Wojnarski - Poland
  2. João Gama - Portugal
  3. David Esp - UK

It was very difficult decision because the results were very close. I am sorry but at the end some winners must be. These there people plz contact me if you have questions about participation on FARO event. Others are very invited to come because I think the work was very interesting and results show interesting approaches To this problems.

Best wishes
Peter Sinčák

Chih-Jen Lin Peter Otto David Esp Francisco Ortega
Marcin Wojnarski Nico Jacobs Ireneusz Czarnovski Li Xiaozhong
Achim Lewandowski David West Luis Eduardo Mujica Delgado Juan Mora
João Gama Fugee Tsung Thomas Martini Jørgensen

Modeling the Bank's Client behavior using Intelligent Technologies

The competition is officially linked to the Bank-house Tatrabanka Slovakia. The Bank claims the important interest in intelligent technologies and fully supports this competition. Solving this task using different technologies is very important and would be a great contribution in data management of financially related data warehousing problems.

The Bank will provide a public data for the competition and also a Bank representative will be have a status of data-dependent consultant. The Bank is fully responsible for keeping confidential information about the data once they are proclaimed public.

The Center for Intelligent technologies will provide assistance in technological problems and also WEB environment support for competition. The competition results will be open for the Bank and will be a contribution as pilot projects for their real-world problem.

Evaluation and Awards for winners of the competition - Motivation :

EUNITE networks will evaluate the results in the period of August 19 - September 1, 2002. Announcement will be made public on September 1, 2002 at 12.00 AM GMT (London time zone).

Prof. Peter Sinčák  commitee chair - active node of EUNITE and member TTC (technology-transfer commitee of EUNITE), Center for Intelligent Technologies (CIT) at TU Košice, Slovakia
Dr. Jens Strackeljan  chair of EUNITE TTC
Dr. Ing. Pavel Karel  section general director of information systems department in Tatrabanka a.s. Slovakia
Ing. Pavol Horanský  head of Deparment of Historical Data Analysis Tatrabanka a.s. Slovakia
Ing. Marcel Hric  research staff of Center for Intelligent Technologies (CIT) at TU Košice Slovakia
Ing. Daniel Novotný  research staff of Center for Intelligent Technologies (CIT) at TU Košice Slovakia

The selected 2 winners will be awarded by expenses of covering one person per-group to travel from anywhere from Europe to location of the Conference - Albufeira, Portugal - and cover all expenses related to the conference - fee and hotel. The third selected winner (one person) will be awarded by expenses related to the conference - fee and hotel.

Estimation of expenses must be sent by first 2 winners to EUNITE network no later than September 6-th , 2002 for approval.

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