Eastern Slovakian Electricity Corporation
Characteristic of the environment, in which the enterprise operates
  • To preserve historical tradition and at the same time to improve and increase the level of services rendered to each consumer for 578,082 take-off points with the following structure:
  • 2,816 large-scale consumer's take-off points
  • 72,437 small-scale consumer's take-off points at the level of legal entities
  • 502,829 small-scale consumer's take-off points at the level of individual inhabitants
  • To assure failure-free operation and supply of electrical energy in the territory of:
  • the Košice Region, in the Košice - City, Košice - Countryside, Gelnica, Rožňava, Spišská Nová Ves, Trebišov, Sobrance, Michalovce districts
  • the Prešov Region, in the Prešov, Sabinov, Levoča, Poprad, Stará Ľubovňa, Kežmarok, Bardejov, Svidník, Vranov, Humenné, Snina, Medzilaborce, Stropkov
Mission of the enterprise
  • Eastern Slovakian Electricity Corporation operate in the domestic market as a dominant distributor of electrical energy.
  • They were founded with the current organizational structure by the charter of the Ministry of Economy of the CSFR by its Decision No. 67/90 of 31st August, 1990.
  • We conduct our activities in the territory of the Košice and Prešov Regions (the Eastern Slovakian Region) with the following data:
  • territory - supply area: 15,746 km2
  • population: 1,549,745
  • density of population: 98.42/1 km2
  • recalculated number of employees: 2,063
Basic scope of activity
  • purchase, distribution and sale of electrical energy including rendering of services related to supply and consumption of electrical energy
  • maintenance, repairs, reconstruction and modernization of electrical equipment and equipment of supervisory control technology
  • civil engineering and erection activities for external customers
  • construction of power supply facilities and facilities, which are necessary for own enterprise
  • engineering production
  • designing of projects
  • repairs and calibration of measuring devices
  • Supervisory control of operation of the 110 kV distribution system and lower voltage stages;
  • research and development activities within the basic scope of activity
  • foreign trade activity