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August 1, 2001
Competition Announcement

November 20, 2001 12.00 GMT (London time zone)
Competition results upload

November 27 , 2001, 12.00 GMT (London time zone)
Announcement of results

December 13-14, 2001 - Tennerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Workshop about the results


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Additional data

In case if someone needs some additional information about temperature - two more years backward, please download:

The upload of results

The results of the research group is strictly requested in the following form :

  • research report - full description in the determined form about the work and results. The report should be in the form of an paper - to be ready to publish it in the competition summary which will be available for world research community.

  • the results are requested to be submitted beside a research report also in ascii file containing 31 numbers with predicted electricity load for January 1999.

Research report

Research report must include :

1. Name of research people involved in the project
2. Short abstract of the project (max. 500 words)
3. Introduction to the problem - from the point of view of research group
4. The description of the approach choosen for project with details and topologies of intelligent technology used in the project
5. The description of the data and its handling as training and testing data
6. Experimental results on the verification projects using provided data (make sure using the requested measures of accuracy as described in the project )
7. Summary of the project with comments about features of technologies used in the approach

The research report should be min . 6 pages in the requested format of WORD processor (Instructions for the Preparation of Camera-Ready Contributions to LNCS Proceedings). The maximum of pages is not given and it is on the group. The research report is accompanies by ascii file containing the requested 31 numbers of max. electricity load for January 1999. Please - take into consideration that all research reports will be published after a minor review procedure and will be couted as a useful publication for world research community .

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