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August 1, 2001
Competition Announcement

November 20, 2001 12.00 GMT (London time zone)
Competition results upload

November 27 , 2001, 12.00 GMT (London time zone)
Announcement of results

December 13-14, 2001 - Tennerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Workshop about the results


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The winner is:

  • 1st Chih-Jen LIN, Bo-Juen Chen, Ming-Wei Chang, Dept. of Computer Science, National Taiwan Univ. TW
  • 2nd David ESP, National Grid UK
  • 3rd Werner BROCKMANN, Institute of Computer Engineering, Med. Univ. Luebeck, DE

Original data sets:

Conlusion of the competition, compressed MS Powerpoint []

Reports from all competitiors in .pdf or .ps format: Ahmad Lotfi, Achim Lewandowski, Bertha Guijarro, Dalibor Zivcak, David Esp, Emil Pelikan, Fabio Rivieccio, Francisco Ortega, Gianluca Bontempi, Gregory Ivakhnenko, Chih-Jen Lin, Iain King, Javier Marin, Peter Otto, Rob Weizenegger, Werner Brockmann, Wojtek Kowalczyk, Zvi Boger,

Basic Information

The competition is linked to the Eastern Slovakian Electricity Corporation that claim an important interest of the application of Intelligent and adaptive technologies in electricity load forecast. This is very important issue, which can bring a very significant financial profit using more accurate prediction technology. The industrial partner and staff of Department of Electric Power Engineering will have a status of advisor and consultant of data dependent problems during competition in on-line approach.

Evaluation and Awards for winners of the competition - Motivation :

EUNITE networks will evaluate the results in the period of November 20 - November 26, 2001. Announcement will be made public on November 27, 2001 at 12.00 AM GMT (London time zone).

Prof. Peter Sinčák  commitee chair - member of EUNITE TTC
Dr. Jens Strackeljan  chair of EUNITE TTC
Prof. Michal Kolcun  Head of Department of Electric Power Engineering
Dr. Jozef Bőjtős  General director of Eastern Slovakian Electricity Corporation
Dr. Arpád Tóth  Expert representative of Eastern Slovakian Electricity Corporation for load prediction problems
Dr. Peter Szathmáry  Department of Electric Power Engineering
Dr. Marián Hrehuš  Nuclear Power Plants Research Institute
Daniel Novotný  member

The selected 2 winners will be awarded by expenses of covering one person per-group to travel from anywhere from Europe to location of the Conference - Canary Island - and cover all expenses related to the conference - fee and hotel. The third selected winner (one person) will be awarded by expenses related to the conference - fee and hotel.

More information about Tennerife can be found on and info about the even is available on

Estimation of expenses must be sent by first 2 winners to EUNITE network no later than December 3-rd , 2001 for approval.

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